the weeks so far

12 Aug

I have totally been unable it seems to stick to the budget. I seem to prefer a budget of £60 per week. This is an inprovement of what it was, but it is also possible to stop over spending… So looks like this little challenge is going to continue into the next month.

Has anyone else ever tried this before? Did it take you a few months to get used to the rules? Love to hear advise from anyone who has drastically changed their spending habits!

I have just taken up running it seems in the last month, so I bought a new pair of gym leggings, this I allowed myself, else this weeks budget would have worked. Still this is no excuse. Though… I have lost another 2lbs this week due to skiving from uni by going to the gym. 0_O time for a good slap about the heed I think!

Also going to see Arrietty at the Belmont, was AMAZING! Ghibli nights are the best! now for a weekend of staying with the parents and recharging my battery. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! x

a bad day at work is a bad day for the £30 a week…

2 Aug

I admit it. I bought a nice juice and a nice sweety in the afternoon, and a bit of cake for my poor friend who was on a late shift.

weekly balance: £30

£ spent today: £3.70

Current balance:  £23.51

Personally this felt weird, like I was being bad. having this much left isn’t toooo bad, but it’s got to last the weekend as well… and I want to go out and dance at the weekend with my friend. Scottish thing to do – get drunk at home then go dancing? probably…

I’m not really spending much on actual food at the moment, because it’s amazing just how much real food I have in my cupboards, that I ignore.

The last few days I have taken my lunch to work – fruit tea, fruit, lacto-free yoghurt and a sandwich made of whatever was there that I was in the mood for. Dinner’s have been Spanish omelette with any veg in the fridge, or noodles and veg with a couple of rashers of bacon. It’s not currently being an issue, I would wait for week 3 before a proper melt down regarding no peanut butter or something ridiculous like that knowing me…

£30 – the first day!

1 Aug

aaah! So it’s day one of £30 a week!

So far the balance left is £30! go me. I think this is only because work has been so busy, and that I am yet to go out and meet a friend for a pint. So we shall see how I get on…will I be able to walk there and back to town without wanting to take the bus? 4 hours sleep last night makes me think I might…

*later that night*

Balance: £27.21

…it would be £27.41 if I had change for the bus… Lesson 1 – make sure if you are going to waste money on the bus, don’t give them a 20p tip. Especially when they take forever to get there! the glories of 79p on bread. It’s amazing if you are making yourself budget, you can actually go into the supermarket and leave with only what you actually need. Knowing me I could have easily spent about £7-10 on ‘stuff’. Well done me, lets see how long this enthusiasm lasts…

My week

31 Jul
  • went to see captain america
  • another jaunt to somebody cares on Saturday with Sarah and J
  • the above then went for juice and cake
  • work work and more work
  • using up my HMV points and getting Harry Potter 7 pt1 for £0.00!
  • trying to make my way through all my new music and failing miserably cause I bought David Attenborough’s ‘life on air’ on audio
  • patiently waiting for one of my best friends to come home after a month away
  • Still to sew the apron together, I think I have new machine fear!
  • ate some fruit, picked some home grown fruit
  • started this book and got half way through its a little disappointing, but I’m sure I  shall keep trying with it

  • saw this car sticker when going for a walk to the beach last night
  • this tshirt was white, I’m a bit more of a blue girl ^_^

Google+ vs Facebook

23 Jul

I know this is slightly out of the usual blog bubble, but I think it’s an important thing to mention.

Sarah and I are Super Awesome friends. It’s been just over a year since she posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to go and see some free films.

I probably wouldn’t have seen that post if we had been on google+ at the time, we were acquaintances. That is why I have decided that if we all move over to google+ I am adding everyone as a friend, cause what is the point in having people on your ‘social/contact’ list if you don’t want to converse with them?

£30 a week

20 Jul

Yes you heard right. The next month challenge is going to be £30 a week Shopping budget, this includes washing powder, toilet paper etc.

This is what I have challenged myself for August. Poor J has therefore been roped into this as well. All I know is that I AM spending too much on food, I am rubbish at budgeting, and something has to change. What better reasons than that? I could spend a month eating cheap crappy food. But that isn’t going to happen, its going to be home made, healthy with weekly updates. Sorry to put that update rule on it, but I have finals that month and they need to come first!

There is also going to be no fizzy drinks, no sweets that I shouldn’t eat anyway nor crisps. I SHALL BE CLIMBING THE WALLS I’m sure. Better now than never. Feel free to join in as always. This challenge is NOT about losing weight, its about getting healthy, body and budget.

so far my amazing brain can only think of the £30 a week challenge! feel free to suggest better titles!

A Sunday we all enjoyed

20 Jul

in the north east of scotland that is, the weather was AMAZING, so J and I decided to go on a walk along the beach followed by a picnic! (I got a little burnt that day, it didn’t help I bought aftersun WITH added self tan in it WTF?!)


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